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CamPermanent - Is the ultimate solution for all of your video demands
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31 October 2015

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Since the time cameras were invented, nobody thought that this intuitive utility would one day act a security shield for all of us with its recording function that captures motion all across the selected areas. Video surveillance has time and again proved to be an immensely constructive measure in terms of safety coverage for a specific area or point and helps in tracking motion in all respects in the particular region. With advancing technology, even video surveillance is gaining more enhanced emphasis owing to the drastic rise in crime scene all over the world and hence it makes more sense to suitably invest in this sector. CamPermanent 2.0 is a program that converts a computer system into a security center and facilitates recording for large spans of time.

CamPermanent 2.0 opens with a vibrant looking interface with the main options placed at the top panel with nice looking icons and main screen displayed like a spreadsheet showing the different cameras linked with the software and also includes distinctive frames and running time as well. It can record from all connected cameras permanently 24*7 and each video can be suitably adjusted in size and length. The network server functionality can send the video from all cameras to one server PC and can include any number of cameras and helps in any kind of surveillance for corporate or residential premises. There is also a motion detector in-built in the program that contains numerous functions and the user can select areas of the video that are tested for motion and even select the day and time. The functions supported include video recording, picture capturing and FTP transfer amongst many others.

To sum up, CamPermanent 2.0 certainly gains maximum footage for its enhanced and impressive protection that makes it a must have for all premises and hence gets a rating score of four points for its superlative performance and functionalities.

Publisher's description

CamPermanent - Is the ultimate solution for all of your video demands. It supports Webcams, Netcams (IP-Cams) (still picture & motion-JPEG & MPEG4-mode) and all video devices which are working with an up to date driver for Windows. The permanent record functionality makes your PC to a digital security center. Record from all connected cameras permanent 24 hours 7 days a week. Each video could be adjusted in size or record length. Additional there is a network server client functionality to send the video from all cameras from one server PC to all connected client PCs. The number of cameras is not restricted. For professional and privat surveillance purposes there is a built-in motion detector which has numerous functions. You could select which areas of the video are tested for motion, in which time range, on which days, in which intervals etc. The functions which are started at detection are: video recording, picture capturing, external program execution, sound playing, FTP transfer, email sending and more! Additional there is a scheduler working for all further video demands. The scheduler works in all selectable time ranges and intervals, with so many functions, that every demand is fulfilled. All cameras and all functions are working simultaneous! Easily could the video picture of all cameras be uploaded to a webpage, or all Netcams within a company's LAN could work as a surveillance system with permanent video recording and viewing parallel. For example you can generate for each day a new record which contains the whole day! Addtional CamPermanent has an integrated webserver! So you could easily view all cameras live by simple HTTP request in your webpage. The webserver makes it possible to control the program from remote. The integrated media viewer and the external player completes the package! Multiple languages are supported (english, german, spain, french, italian, turkish, danish, polski, chinese).
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